Sport and community

Masterminder professionals have a passion to win and will not stop before goals are reached. A top sport mentality is visible in our pay-off, in our consultancy skills and in the many (ex-)top athletes that work for us.


We advocate a healthy lifestyle, both with our employees and in society at large. That is also why we sponsor various sports – from recreational to competitive. From time to time you will see ice-skating, cycling and running teams wear an outfit with the typical Mastermind colors.


Since 2013, Mastermind is the proud sponsor of a professional women’s marathon ice-skate team.

Maraton ice skating is foremost a tactical sport. Good preparation, clever tactics, perseverance and teamwork are essential. Elements we also often encounter in our daily work.

Starting from just a training team, it has developed into a full-fledge team that now competes for prizes. In the last two years, both on natural and artificial ice, the team was various times standing on the podium. In 2015/2016, in the KPN competition, they came in at a number 3 three spot. And in 2017, our consultant Emma Engbers, came in at number 2 with the Noordlaren natural ice marathon.

In winter, Mastermind people can often be found near the ice to sheer our ladies.

You can follow team Mastermind here.

Our passion for results carries further than just work and sports. We hold office in a sustainable, renovated rectory dating from 1859. A modern water pump installation reuses heath from the earth. And in the parking lot you will find various electric chargers for cars.


Every year we support a good cause by organising a sports activity. In the past we have participated in the Tour for Life, the West Coast Challenge, the Alpe D’HuZes and Netherlands Takes Action.

After reflection, we also have decided to donate money spent on Christmas gifts to a good cause.