Working at Mastermind

Are you the new MasterMIND? Do you get jitters in your gut at the terms Lean, strategy and policy or digital transformation? Do you ask where others are satisfied with the status quo? Do you recommend regularly (UN) asking your environment? Read more...


We are always looking for Masterminds. Our people are our strength, the engine behind this company. Masterminds are people with a strong personality who can make a difference.


Mastermind offers people the chance to grow in a dynamic environment where you learn from customer and colleague. With a diverse palette of customers, the challenges are great and especially fun. By means of personal guidance you grow fast but you also get enough space to develop your entrepreneurial spirit (further). In our culture, knowledge sharing, humour and ‘ together ‘ are paramount.


Interested? Please contact a master less from your network or send a mail to [email protected]