Mastermind in Brief

Mastermind strongly believes in the power of entrepreneurship. That's why our organisation is 100% in the hands of our partners and consultants. Mastermind was founded in 2005 by Silvan Becker, Marco Robben, chose H, Robert de Jong and Ryan Lim.

Who we are

Mastermind is an independent management consultancy with a passion for results. Together with our customers we go for the maximum result. It is our distinctive ability: ‘Where others stop, we continue’, ‘ where others talk about, we do’. Sometimes confronting, but always with respect, humor and passion.

What we do

Mastermind translates vision and strategy into concrete innovations, sustainable solutions and worn changes. We don’t just invent these plans, we also carry them out. We pick up the best in organizations and teams, don’t run our hand for policy and strategy implementations and have a passion for digital transformations. Mastermind has been a household name in the financial sector and business services for more than ten years.

Good luck

Top athletes inspire us. We have a passion to win and not stop before we reach our client’s goals. Our clients opt for Mastermind to our proven combination of substantive expertise, top sports mindset and empathy ability. We continually invest in the knowledge and skills of our employees. In our training we focus on a combination of market developments, substantive knowledge and personal skills. Master Dec Listen with respect, in a perspective of humor and have a real passion for results.